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Collocations - Level B1+ class Please watch our students' commendable effort, here!
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Όλο το υλικό του σχολείου (φωτογραφίες , βίντεο και γραπτό κείμενο) έχει γίνει με την ρητή συγκατάθεση των ιδίων μαθητών και των γονέων τους.  

Ευχαριστούμε για την κατανόηση.

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(E)CPE Paragraph Writing (Accommodation)

It is beyond dispute that almost over 30.000 hotels rooms are boasted in the city hotels too suit every taste and     price range.  University with campus accommodation is of particular importance because it can satisfy the needs of the 433.334 delegates. The city's also good reputation for a new conference centre that is located on the outskirts close to the motorway.

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Writing (about a house) -----Senior A`

There's a big bedroom in the house.

There`s  a  big  bathroom in the house.

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