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The Van Grass Family's words take into effect concerning the environment...a photobook presented for the KET class, source: Cb., pg. 92, "Free Wheelers 2", published in 2009, by Hillside Press

We want to buy....a photobook presented for YLs, regarding the topic of shopping... source: cb pg 50, Skate Away 1 , published in 2011 by Hillside Press

Expressions with "Say & Tell" from KET class , cb. pg. 89, Free Wheelers 2, published in 2009 by Hillside Press

Shopping in town for young electronic poster presented for Senior B` class, cb., pg. 50, Skate Away 1 , published in 2011, by Hillside Press

Phrasal Verbs and Vocabulary Expansion from PET class , cb., pg. 109, Journeys B1 , published in 2010 - by Hillside Press

Bullying is Wrong- a photobook presented for PET class, source: Cb., pg., 106 , Journeys B1 ,published by Hillside Press in 2010

What if you're Bully? - a photobook presents tips about bullies for PET class, source: cb., pg., 106 Journeys B1 , published by Hillside Press, in 2010

What an animal- Part 2!- a photobook based on information about the duck-billed platypus from KET class, source: Cb., pg. 88. Free Wheelers 2, published by Hillside Press, in 2009

Symptoms and immediate action against bullying..from PET class, source: cb. pg.106, published by Hillside Press, in 2010

Model Report for the FCE class (180 words)

To :  Konstantine Pantelaios
From: Akis Skandalis
Subject: Upper- Secondary School in Paroikia
Date: 12th January 2012

The aim of this report is to give information about the upper-secondary school in Paroikia, to discuss and to evaluate its positive and negative points.

The Upper-Secondary school  is located in the centre of the town ,in Paroikia, next to the Byzantine church called "Ekatontapyliani". The school is open every day except weekends, national holidays, Christian festivities and summer holidays. It is open from 8:00 in the morning until 16:00 in the afternoon and it operates nine months per year.

Good and Bad points:
The school building is comfortably spacious.  It includes a complex of 14 light and airy classrooms  2 well-equipped science and chemistry labs as well as an IT workstation, enough to accommodate 120 students on a year-round basis. Furthermore, the school building area includes a multiplex chamber that is turned into an amphithe…

PET signs for the PET class...

Unit 3- our new school ..a mini photo strip from Senior A` class...enjoy!

How to deal with Bullying....... a photobook for PET class, source: coursebook, Journeys B1 , published in 2010, by Hillside Press

The Snow Leopard ...a project about its life from Level B1 class , source: Journeys B1 workbook, pg. 48, published by Hillside Press, 2010

What an animal! - a photobook from KET class...

a representational photobook from PET Class about School Bullying - definition and its main characteristics....source: Journeys B1 , published by: Hillside Press, 2010

Animals in Danger (red pandas in Asia) a project magazine from Senior B` class source:Skate Away 1 cb., from Hillside Press , published in 2011

Conjunctions and Vocabulary presented for the ESB class...

Animals in Danger ...a magazine from Senior B` class...

Paper 2 F.C.E Writing-An E-mail to Thomas about the work experience programme(150) words

 Subject:Work Experience Programme
 Date:Tuesday 13th November 2012

 Dear Thomas,

 Hello, thanks for your e-mail ! Congratulations on your teacher's initiave to organise a work experience programme ! I hope you will do well, if you follow my advice.

 I also worked in a similar programme last spring.Our then teacher,Mr smith got me to work as a waiter in a local restaurant for 3 hours every weekday. I took orders and served food to costomers.

 Since you like fashion, why don't you tell your teacher to get you to work in a clothes shop ? As for cooking ,if i were you, i would work as a chef in the local restaurant. Finally, regarding helping people , what about doing some volunteer work in the elderly home, dressing and cooking for them ?

I'm afraid ,I'm not free next Saturday , but we can meet this Friday afternoon to talk about it, in lunch-time ,write back soon and let me know .

 Best Wishes

Phrasal Verbs and Unknown Words for the ESB class

What an animal! - a project from KET class about extinct species with the suppport of Hillside Press, for their valuable contribution of information

Phrasal Verbs and Wild animals for Level B1+ class

Word Formation & Opposites for ESB Class

A popplet prenetation from KET class about animal groups and their value in nature...

..My cool clothes..for young learners....a story....

Phrasal Verbs and Vocabulary Expansion for Level B1+ class...

....Look out cyberbullies!!!! - Part 2- a report from ESB class....

.....Idioms and Collocations for teenage students (Level B1+ class)

Powerpoint presentation of clothing articles for young learners

Cyberbullying- a definition -presentation for ESB class (source: Journeys B2- Hillside Press, 2010)

Παρουσίαση σύνθετων ουσιαστικών από Level B1+ class....

.....and a powerpoint presentation from ESB Class .....(as part of their lexical development for their reading /speaking skills)

... and some unknown vocabulary from Level B1+ class..... here's the rest of their narration about life at the zoo!!!!- Part 2 (enjoy)

An unusual lifestyle is narrated by Level B1+ students concerning life in Zoos!!!!

Other creatures (unknown vocabulary for teenage students)

Οι νεαροί μας μαθητές μιλούν για their "Daily Routine" ( a project created by Senior B` class)

Expand your Vocabulary (from PET Class)

....What about working animals?????- from KET class

Read the composition our teenage students have for their huble hamlet off the beaten track.......

Word Formation from PET class....enjoy!!!

Expressions with "Have" and "Go'' from our Intermediate class-Level B1

Παρακαλώ διαβάστε εδώ πως αποδεικνύεται η γνώση Αγγλικής Γλώσσας για είσοδο στα Βρετανικά Πανεπιστήμια (αναπαραγωγή από

......KidZania - Part 2 from our PET class....

What about working animals???? - Unknown words from A2 teenage students

What is Kidzania???? Find out in Journeys B1 by Hillside Press from our teenage class

Expand your Vocabulary from ESB class

This is what we do! -Part 2 - (a day in the life of a farmer)- from Senior B` class

Unknown Vocabulary from teenage students....

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Adjectives with a negative meaning from Level A2 class

Jobs from Senior B` class!!!

A strange day(209 words)

When Katier woke up that morning she had no idea what it was going,to be such a strange day.
She got to school as usual ,but when she arrived , all the kids looked at her strangely, she was at a loss for words ....! Once she sat down, her head spinned around and everything else seemed like not to fall into place!
   She ran out of the class ,  went to the playground: unfortunately nobody was there.
While she was sitting at the playground, a small girl came up to her and asked  her "have you had a bad day ?"
   She got suprised and saied "Oh yes" how on earth you know about it  ? Out of mere curiosity and the small girl disappeared .Katie got scared more than she did the last time .
   She took the bus back home ,and on her gatting there ,Katie ask her mum:Mum perhaps you have any idea why all my school mates were staring at me so intensely???In no time ,mum screens her fron top to bottomonly only to make Katier see that see was wearing one all star and one slipper …





English Speaking Board - International (All Modes) / University of Central Lancashire ESOL Examination Results for 2012MAY



Και ποίηση από την συνταξιούχο δασκάλα Δημοτικού Σχολείου (illustrated poems, voice recordings) by Josie Whitehead για προώθηση της ποίησης

(Thank you Jossie Whitehead for your kind e-mail and we'll promote your wonderful website to all teachers across the board)

Αλήθεια πως είναι δίνουμε συμβουλές σε ανθρώπους που έχουν προβλήματα στην εποχή μας???? Τις απαντήσεις τις δίνουν οι ενήλικες μαθητές μας!!! Ακούστε τους!!!!

Esperienze di un Lavoro Estivo

Cara Maria

Ciao!!! Come vanno gli studi in Italia???? E` gia` da tanto che non ci vediamo. Io ho una notizia piacevole!!!! Finalmente, ho potuto trovare un nuovo lavoro!!!!

     Poiche`  viviamo in un villaggio dei pescatori , tuttti sono familiari ed abbiamo il corraggio di chiedere ai proprietari  dell' azienda, se hanno bisogno degli impiegati  durante il periodo estivo , e come cosi` ,sono riuscito a trovare un lavoro in un negozio dei regali come commessa . Lavoravamo 4 ore al  base di giorno e, in turno, con un' altra ragazza. Sfortunatamente, lo stipendio e` stato 300 euro al mese!!!

La padrone mi sgridava spesso per motivi diversi: invece, e' stato un ambiente molto comodo e pulito  La mia padrone  mi incoraggiava di  essere gentile ai clienti,  ma, lui, e` stato  scortese agli   altri impiegati incluso me.

     Un vantaggio di questo lavoro  e' stato che l'orario  part-time  che mi dava  l'o…

Studi a Milano in Italia- (una lettera informale ad un' amico intimo) - (come preparazione per gli esami di maturita`)

Cara Giorgia

Ciao!!! Come vanno gli studi in Italia??? E' gia` da tanto che non ci vediamo. Io ho una notizia piacevole  per entrambi ....ho deciso di andarci a Mialno per i miei studi , lo sai, che amo in Italia!!!! E` l' opportunita` di mia vita . Fortunatamente, la facolta che voglio seguire dura solo per 2 anni ..voglio tanto andarci!!!! (via

        Il motivo e` che l' universita` di Mialno ha un' alto livello di Lettere di Filologia itallaina ..E' un ragione per praticare la mia pronuncia. Inoltre, mi aiuterebbe nell' approfondimento di storia e di cultura italiana ed anche di ottenere informazioni linguistici e culturali a trasmetterli agli studenti del mio paese.Non solo e` minimo il costo della vita in Italia minore di questo in Grecia, ma anche Milano e` la piu` bella citta` dell' Europa!!!! - senz'altro!!!! - coi negozi di abbigliamento classico, moderno ,elegant…

Come si fa` a superare un' accidente - caso fortuito??? (per prepararsi all'esame)

Cara Maria

 Ciao!!! C'e` da qualche tempo che non parliamo tra di noi. Ti scrivo per raccontarti delle mie notizie.  Sai che il Sabbato scorso Anna Vissi ha fatto un concerto qua' a Paros ed io ci sono andata a vederla..Sai, come appasionata sono di lei......

    Ma non puoi immaginare che cosa e' successo!!! Quando siamo arrivati con Gianni allo stadio di AOP  ,abbiamo realizzato che avevamo dimenticato i nostri biglietti a casa mia...Ma, per caso, mia madre se ne e' accorta e ce li ha portati immediatamente e cosi ` siamo potuti entrare nello stadio per attenderla!!!!!!- 5 minuti prima dell' inizio del suo concerto magnifico!!!!    (via

Dopo mezz'ora che il concerto aveva cominciato e quando Anna cantava con questa belissima voce che ha, probabilmente a causa delle luci ,le quali le folgoravano , non li aveva osservati, ha messo il piede in fallo sul gradino che le ha f…

Cambiare il modo di vita- assumere qualcosa di piu' igienico???? Risposte assunte da una nostra studentessa -candididata per gli esami d` amissione all' universita`

Cara Maria

Ciao! Come stai? C'e` da tanto che non ci vediamo , ma, sai, quanto stressata e pressata mi sento con gli esami d' amissione . Lo conosco che tu hai affrontato questo tipo di problemi e percio' ti capisco tanto.

    Qunati si avvicina il tempo , ho troppo stress per poter essere in grado  di superarli ; e in piu`, ho anche i miei genitori che mi sgridano!!! Inoltre, l' angoscia esagerita non mi permette di dormire almeno 8 ore di notte ed il mattino prossimo mi sento stanca morta!!! Un' altro problema , in questo periodo , e' la mancanza di tempo libero per impegnarmi di qualcosa altro oltre a gli studi costanti , intensi e ben-organizzati. Per esempio, vorrei fare delle spese , guardare la TV, navigare sull'internet per fare delle chiacchiere coi miei amici sul Facebook! In piu', c'e' troppo da studiare che non mi dia l'opportunita' di non fare niente altro!!!

     Per questi motivi, ho deciso di cambiare modo di vita! - per…

Composizione ( per la preparazione dell'esame CELI 3) -certificato per la conoscenza dellla lingua italiana


E' noto a tutti che lo sport e' ormai un fenomeno commerciasle e mondiale lo cui scopo e' l'esercizio del corpo umano e della sanita` del mente.
    Negli ultimi anni , pero`, con la sponsorizzazione del settore privato agli atleti ed al loro sport provoca dei problemi, i quali, pero`, creano tanta angoscia allo sistema atletico professionale che non gli permettino agire come vere professioniste . Qualche soluzioni faciliterebbero la vita propria??
      Per cominciare, la dipendenza di questi atleti sui loro sponsor gli obbliga di superare il se` stesso per migliorare la loro performanza. Loro, in turno, dopo una serie di allenamenti faticosi, giungono a ferite e lesioni che a volte gli escludono  dalle gare , cosi' gli atleti si distruggono fisicamente e la nozione della rivalita` nobile si perde. In piu`, la mancanza dell' infrastruttura , cioe` degli impianti sportivi riduce il ritmo ed i…

Prova Orale pg.19, Nuovo Progetto 2 per l' imparazione della lingua Italiana

(funzione: Rifiutare una proposta e dare delle spiegazioni)

A: Scuasami del ritardo ,am un problema e' emerso e percio` volevo discuterlo con te.
B: Va be`. ....Dimmi pure ..Mi devo preoccupare del qualcosa?
A: Il mio professore mi ha proposto di fare una parte dei miei studi a Roma come pratica e se ne accorto che bisognera' essere separati per alcuni mesi. Che ne dici?
B: Direi di non aver avuto l' opportunita` di pensarci...e che addesso???? Cosa si fa`? Ti seguo?
A: So che sara` difficile anche per me , ma entrambi conosciamo che questo corso mi aiutera' nei miei studi in futuro...
B: Va be' sta` cosi`, sara` per il benessere del nostro futuro, allora vacci pure...pero`, sarai che io risparmiero` e dopo pochi mesi, ci vengo anch'io per farti compagnia e stare insieme, come voglio fare delle vacanze...

Η διαμόρφωση και λειτουργία των πολιτικών κομμάτων στην Ελλάδα (προετοιμασία για Ιταλική Φιλολογία)


Real / unreal life situations with advice from Senior C` & enjoy your summer holidays!!!

Εικονογραφημένο λεξιλόγιο για τους νεαρούς μας μαθητές- Προτροπές και προειδοποιήσεις


     Superwheeler Harry's very upset!

Let's fly!

Let's not waste time!

(Coursebook  Skate Away 1 , pg. 38, Unit :2                       : The Adventures of Superwheeler  Harry  -published by Hillside Press, 2011)

Ο μικρός ήρωας Superwheeler Harry σώζει τα παιδιά από τον βέβαιο κίνδυνο της φωτιάς- από την ιστορία που διαβάζουμε στην τάξη με νεαρούς μας μαθητές!

Τι αλλάζει στην συνεργασία Cambridge - Michigan? (reproduction from South East Europe website)

(Το άρθρο πρώτο δημοσιεύτηκε στο Cambridge South East Europe website)- Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες , παρακαλώ επικοινωνήστε με HAU ))

PET for Schools -Story Part 2 (CEF- Level B1 class)


A Strange Day:

When Katie woke up that morning, she had no idea that it was going to be such a strange day. She got to school  as usual, but, when she arrived, the playground, which was normally crowded with excited, noisy children, was deserted.At first, Katie thought that she was late and that lessons had started , but her watch said it was ten to nine. School started at nine o' clock. She wondered if her watch had stopped.

        The impressive gate was open, so she walked into the peaceful playground and up the steps into the school building. The  cheerful classrooms were all empty ,and there weren't any exhausted teachers anywhere. Where was everyone?

As soon asshe went back out into the playground, she saw the relieved school caretaker. He looked at her and smiled. "What's going on?", asked  terrified Katie. "It's not Saturday, ,is it?"- "No. The clocks went back an hour las…

Επέκταση Λεξιλογίου για Intermediate learners- (CEF Level B1) class

Οι μικροί μας μαθητές μαθαίνουν την αξία της παρουσίας και χρησιμότητας στην ζωή μας πέρα από την διασκέδαση .. αρωγός σ' αυτήν την προσπάθεια είναι το βιβλίο τους Free Wheelers 2, Chapter 10 Lesson B, pg.76 -published by Hillside Press, 2009

Και οι ιστορίες των μικρών μαθητών για την φιλανθρωπία συνεχίζονται... περισσότερα εδώ! (Senior C`)

SIMILES for ESB class - Lower B2 -CEF (και οι σημασίες τους# συνωνυμίες με την δική μας μητρική γλώσσα) (Part 2)

After the annual drought, the soil has been as dry as a bone!

This skyscraper is as tall as a tower!

I've got so much to do; I run like a rabbit!

At nights, I'm so exhausted that I sleep like a log!

In summers, I swim like a fish under the hot Sun!

I was so hungry that I ate like a horse!

SIMILES for ESB class - Lower B2 -CEF (και οι σημασίες τους# συνωνυμίες με την δική μας μητρική γλώσσα)

Once I told him I'd lost the watch he'd donated me ,he remained as cool as a cucumber!

Look outside! It's as white as snow ,after yesterday's snowstorm!

O Mr. Present Simple υποδέχεται τους νεαρούς μαθητές, στην γραμματική στις τάξεις τους - Junior A` & B` και τους συστήνεται ως καθημερινή συνήθεια!

O  Mr. Present Simple υποδέχεται τους νεαρούς μαθητές, στην γραμματική στις τάξεις τους - Junior A` & B` και τους συστήνεται ως καθημερινή συνήθεια! Απολαύστε τους! Αξίζει !!!

Προστασία περιβάλλοντος για την ESB τάξη (Level B2- Lower)

Επέκταση Λεξιλογίου για την Intermediate τάξη μας! Απολαύστε το!

Ανάπτυξη περιβαλλοντικής συνείδησης από τους νεαρούς μαθητές μας- με την βοήθεια του υλικού που τους έχει δοθεί από το Skate Away 1- ,cb., pg., 36, published in 2011, by Hillside Press

Διαβάστε εδώ για τα βραβεία ΕLTONS (British Council -English Agenda)

(reproduction from :British Council- English Agenda)


(Το άρθρο πρωτοδημοσιευτηκε στο  British Council -English Agenda)


Πρόγραμμα Εξετάσεων όλων των επιπέδων Αγγλικηςγλώσσας από το ESB- PALSO. Δείτε τα εδώ!

Κάντε κλικ εδώ:

Και KINDLE (e-reader) στο σχολείο μας! Για φανατικούς αναγνώστες...


Το ηλεκτρονικό βιβλίο (e- reader) Kindle- που ομορφαίνει το διάβασμα και το μεταφερει παντού και πάντα... Κάνει το διάβασμα απολαυστικό..... απαραίτητες προϋποθέσεις - Να  αγαπάς το βιβλίο και  ν' αφιερώνεις χρόνο σ' αυτό ,  διότι διευρύνει ορίζοντες ! Έχει την χωρητικότητα 3,500  βιβλίων , blogs, Google docs & PDFs...
Και Καλό Διάβασμα, παιδιά!


Μια τηλεφωνική επικοινωνία είχαν οι μικροί μας μαθητές για πρώτη τους φορά μιλώντας για τα μαθήματά τους!

(image taken from the school project library- genuinely sponsored by our Senior A` students and their parents)

The phone dialogue (Transcript):

Denisa:Hi, Angelo. This is Denisa. How are you?
Angelo: I'm fine. How about you?
Denisa: I'm O.K. , thanks. What are you doing at the moment?
Angelo: I'm doing a project for my Social studies class. 
Denisa: Wow! What's it about?
Angelo: Friends. It's my favourite topic. 
Denisa: Can I help? Can I come over?
Angelo: Of course! See you soon.

(The dialogue above is a model on which our early Elementary students based their phone conversation with fake mobile phones. - Skate away  coursebook 1- pg. 35 writing part 5- Hillside Press , published in 2011)

Από το Μάιο του 2012, θα ισχύσει ο νέος κανονισμός του Cambridge ESOL που θεσπίζει ως υποχρεωτική την φωτογράφηση (Παρακαλώ κοιτάξτε στην σελίδα του Βρετανικού Συμβουλίου Ελλάδας για περαιτέρω πληροφορίες)

(Το άρθρο αφορά τις εξετάσεις CAE.  Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες παρακαλώ επικοινωνήστε με το Βρετανικό Συμβούλιο)

Μια γνωριμία για άτομα με προβλήματα κινητικότητας θα γίνει στην τάξη μας την άλλη Πέμπτη ( Pre-Intermediate class) και τον τρόπο αντιμετώπισης τους μέσα από συζήτηση του εν λόγω περιοδικού και των κειμένων που καλύπτουμε στην τάξη!

Μια παρουσιαση Powerpoint για ουσιαστικα / ρηματα με τα παραγωγα τους- μια δημιουργια για την Pre-Intermediate ταξη μας!