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.....Idioms and Collocations for teenage students (Level B1+ class)

Powerpoint presentation of clothing articles for young learners

Cyberbullying- a definition -presentation for ESB class (source: Journeys B2- Hillside Press, 2010)

Παρουσίαση σύνθετων ουσιαστικών από Level B1+ class....

.....and a powerpoint presentation from ESB Class .....(as part of their lexical development for their reading /speaking skills)

... and some unknown vocabulary from Level B1+ class..... here's the rest of their narration about life at the zoo!!!!- Part 2 (enjoy)

An unusual lifestyle is narrated by Level B1+ students concerning life in Zoos!!!!

Other creatures (unknown vocabulary for teenage students)

Οι νεαροί μας μαθητές μιλούν για their "Daily Routine" ( a project created by Senior B` class)

Expand your Vocabulary (from PET Class)

....What about working animals?????- from KET class

Read the composition our teenage students have for their huble hamlet off the beaten track.......

Word Formation from PET class....enjoy!!!

Expressions with "Have" and "Go'' from our Intermediate class-Level B1

Παρακαλώ διαβάστε εδώ πως αποδεικνύεται η γνώση Αγγλικής Γλώσσας για είσοδο στα Βρετανικά Πανεπιστήμια (αναπαραγωγή από