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ECCE WRITING: Unit 12: Visiting Wildlife - A Formal Letter to City Officials regarding Litter- Cb. pg. 131, ECCE Stars & Stripes by Evans V., & Dooley J., published in 2012, by Express Publishing

Dear City Officials,

Introduction:It is hard enough to deal with the problem of street littering in our city. The situation gets worse each day that passes , making it look uglier, unhealthier and impassable. I am writing tooffer some suggestions on how the issue of littering may be solved.

 Para 2:To begin with, the city should pass a law in which anyone who litters the streets should be fined. For instance, if they are caught to litter once, they should be fined with the amount of 15 euros.
If they fall into the same trap again (the one of littering), then the fine doubles to 50 euros for this time.  A third offence should include some form of community service having to do with clean up action plans of the environment set out by the local council. As a result, even if they seem not to care about the healthy appearance of the environment and the public health of their co-humans, they will stop polluting for fear of losing money or becoming ill.

Para 3: Furthermore, another to do is to …