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Bullying is Wrong- a photobook presented for PET class, source: Cb., pg., 106 , Journeys B1 ,published by Hillside Press in 2010

What if you're Bully? - a photobook presents tips about bullies for PET class, source: cb., pg., 106 Journeys B1 , published by Hillside Press, in 2010

What an animal- Part 2!- a photobook based on information about the duck-billed platypus from KET class, source: Cb., pg. 88. Free Wheelers 2, published by Hillside Press, in 2009

Symptoms and immediate action against bullying..from PET class, source: cb. pg.106, published by Hillside Press, in 2010

Model Report for the FCE class (180 words)

To :  Konstantine Pantelaios
From: Akis Skandalis
Subject: Upper- Secondary School in Paroikia
Date: 12th January 2012

The aim of this report is to give information about the upper-secondary school in Paroikia, to discuss and to evaluate its positive and negative points.

The Upper-Secondary school  is located in the centre of the town ,in Paroikia, next to the Byzantine church called "Ekatontapyliani". The school is open every day except weekends, national holidays, Christian festivities and summer holidays. It is open from 8:00 in the morning until 16:00 in the afternoon and it operates nine months per year.

Good and Bad points:
The school building is comfortably spacious.  It includes a complex of 14 light and airy classrooms  2 well-equipped science and chemistry labs as well as an IT workstation, enough to accommodate 120 students on a year-round basis. Furthermore, the school building area includes a multiplex chamber that is turned into an amphithe…

PET signs for the PET class...

Unit 3- our new school ..a mini photo strip from Senior A` class...enjoy!

How to deal with Bullying....... a photobook for PET class, source: coursebook, Journeys B1 , published in 2010, by Hillside Press

The Snow Leopard ...a project about its life from Level B1 class , source: Journeys B1 workbook, pg. 48, published by Hillside Press, 2010

What an animal! - a photobook from KET class...

a representational photobook from PET Class about School Bullying - definition and its main characteristics....source: Journeys B1 , published by: Hillside Press, 2010

Animals in Danger (red pandas in Asia) a project magazine from Senior B` class source:Skate Away 1 cb., from Hillside Press , published in 2011

Conjunctions and Vocabulary presented for the ESB class...

Animals in Danger ...a magazine from Senior B` class...

Paper 2 F.C.E Writing-An E-mail to Thomas about the work experience programme(150) words

 Subject:Work Experience Programme
 Date:Tuesday 13th November 2012

 Dear Thomas,

 Hello, thanks for your e-mail ! Congratulations on your teacher's initiave to organise a work experience programme ! I hope you will do well, if you follow my advice.

 I also worked in a similar programme last spring.Our then teacher,Mr smith got me to work as a waiter in a local restaurant for 3 hours every weekday. I took orders and served food to costomers.

 Since you like fashion, why don't you tell your teacher to get you to work in a clothes shop ? As for cooking ,if i were you, i would work as a chef in the local restaurant. Finally, regarding helping people , what about doing some volunteer work in the elderly home, dressing and cooking for them ?

I'm afraid ,I'm not free next Saturday , but we can meet this Friday afternoon to talk about it, in lunch-time ,write back soon and let me know .

 Best Wishes

Phrasal Verbs and Unknown Words for the ESB class

What an animal! - a project from KET class about extinct species with the suppport of Hillside Press, for their valuable contribution of information

Phrasal Verbs and Wild animals for Level B1+ class

Word Formation & Opposites for ESB Class

A popplet prenetation from KET class about animal groups and their value in nature...

..My cool clothes..for young learners....a story....

Phrasal Verbs and Vocabulary Expansion for Level B1+ class...

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