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ESB Model informal Letter Blog Entry on an online journal as a mock exam- Cb., pg. 36 , Track Two, Paper Writing (3- An Informal Letter) -Fast Forward to ESB, by Boukouvalas Celia & Sophia, published by Litera, in 2009

Read the Model Informal Letter blog entry for the ESB exam prep. students  here below:

A fact Sheet about the Tiger- A project for endangered species from Nick Vitzilaios - Senior A` class

Fact Sheet
The Tiger
Where do tigers live? Tiger live in Africa.
Who are their relatives? The lion.
What do they look like? Tiger have got orange-black fur.They've got pointed ears,whiskers and long legs that can make them run fast and a long tail.
What  do they do? They rest in the grass during the day.  When they get hungry, they hunt for meat  in animals smaller than them and weak.
What do they eat? They eat meat.
Why are they endangered? Because people are destroying their habitat.People also hunt them for their fur.

"My favourite clothes" - A second guest blog post by our student Nick Vitzilaios

My favourite clothes!!!!
Today,I'm wearing black socks, black and yellow trainers,a blue,beige and yellow jumper and under this a red T- shirt.I'm also wearing black trousers and a blue and red jacket. I usually wear them at school!!!:)

Parts of Speech (Derivatives) for the ESB class (a web online noticeboard/ presentation) - from Track Two- Cb. pg. 24, Fast Forward to ESB, BY Celia & Sophia Boukouvalas, published in 2009, by LITERA

Watch the online noticeboard underneath: