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Writing - A Report (a model) (FCE level) (Level B1+ class)

To:  Ms Andreopoulou
From:  Vivi Skandali
Subject: Alyki Sportsfield
Date:  Friday 30th December ,2011

Introduction: The aim of this report is to give information about the Alyki Sportsfield , to discuss and evaluate its positive and negative points.

Information:  "Alyki Sportsfield" is located in the area of Saint Nikolas's chapel by the first bus stop.  It is open every day, except bank holidays from 9:00 a.m to 11:00 p.m. There is no entrance fee because it is public free space, so it is open to anyone wanting to do sports.

Good and Bad Points: This sportsfield is a multiplex ,covering a football pitch ofr its fans, a basketball court for its players and a tennis court for its athletes wishing to train for any imminent tournaments they ought to compete in the near future.  The basketball court is equipped with night lighting, ideal for those training for games they have with rival teams. All the areas of the sportsfield provide for well-trained teams with uniforms taking pa…

CPE Writing Parts 1+2 - Proposal (model for exam preparation students)

To:  The International Student Organisation
From:  Paraskevi Andreopoulou
Subject: "To propose and evaluate the attractions and facilities of the local area to hold its annual five-day conference in 3 years' time".
Date:  Friday 30th December, 2011

Introduction: The aim of this proposal is to present , discuss and evaluate the effectiveness of the facilities and amenities of Alyki, our local area on the south of Paros island in the central -southern Aegean Sea, in the prefecture of Cyclades in Greece.  It is common knowledge that  your major five-day conference annual is bound to take place in our homeland, Greece and with this view in mind, we took the initiative to propose our sea resort, Alyki, as the perfect venue for your imminent organisation 's conference. Alyki is  tailor- made for a conference of this kind and has hosted similar events in the recent past.

Accommodation:   It is beyond dispute that Alyki has to offer a plethora of  lodgings in 5-star hotels ,where…

Writing an Article - Level B1/PET Class (model article- 150 words))

The Younger  Generation 

It is true that today's young people grow up and live very differently from what our parents and grandparents used to live. From what I know, our lives are easier nowadays because our parents offer everything to us- we don't struggle to get anything!

 First of all,   most young people of my age still  grow up in villages- we're the lucky ones!- in  very quiet and clean places; and we should thank for that the town council that collects all the rubbish from the streets and all the proprietors who look after their houses and keep their fields clean, so we don't have much  pollution and we can play games freely onto the streets.
Secondly,  we still can get plenty of exercise because the area is flat, so we can walk freely from one place to another and run races on our bikes with all of our friends! Still, our parents drive us to school, when we're lazy enough to walk or when the weather's bad.
  Our diet is healthy, too.  We eat home-made foo…

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An informal letter to a friend -ESB Class (FCE level)

Dear Sophie

Hello! How are you? I'm writing to tell you about my latest news!!! My school exams have finished, I've passed them all with full marks and now, I'm all ready to go on holidays for some rest and relaxation!!! I think I deserve it after such hard work and many sleepless nights being spent on books studying for exams!
 Actually, my parents are thinking of sending me out to Paros for a weekend some time next month! So, what do you say? Do you want to join in???? I need company to let off some steam....So, what do you say? Are you in for it?

For sure, I know that July is the ideal month for us to have a short break away from routine and right before we get a summer job! I beleive each one of us needs some money to get by!
Anyway, once you come in July, in the mornings ,after a light breakfast, we'll head off to Farangas beach for a dive into its crystal blue seawaters and the classic "Greek Frappe`" to sip under the beach umbrella by the sea trees to…

I feel at home Part 1 by Denisa, Daniel, Kostas, Angelo, Despina ** made with Bubblr (PIMPAMPUM)

Speaking Senior C` (Past Simple vs. Present Perfect)

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I go to a market

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Urban Jungle

Urbanism -Summary Writing (Cambridge Proficiency)

Urban Jungle:

Seagulls are leaving their traditional habitats and moving into towns to , both coastal and inland, where they are thriving on the ready supply of food left on rubbish dumps and dropped in the streets by visitors and fast-food customers. 

      Dramatic increases in urban numbers of these aggressive , sometimes oversized, birds have been parallelled by growing attacks on humans, domestic animals and other birds. Seagulls are particularly aggressive during their breeding season, but, their culling is environmentally prohibited. 


An enquiring mind (Level B2 -ESB Class)

Fun Science Quiz










Carry out scientific experiments

An enquiring mind

Other Creatures (Vocabulary Expansion) -Level B1+


  at speeds of

  giant pandas

  Southwestern China

  in the wild

  bald  eagles

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Eating carrots helps you see in the dark - Level B1 Class

Carrots contain beta carotene,  zinc,  and vitamins.

 Medical experts think carrots can prevent your

eyesight  from getting worse as you get older.. Unfortunately, however, carrots won't give you excellent night vision.

 It's possible that this myth started during World War II.

  They used radar, radio waves to see "enemy" planes at night.

 They wanted to keep their invention secret , so they claimed it was due to the fact their

 plane spotters ate carrots and as a result, they saw in the dark.

 Verdict: mostly false

Health (Level B1) - Vocabulary Expansion

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away" - the saying that passes down from generation to generation.

 Common sense tells us that apples can't guarantee perfect health. There's little truth in it.

 Eating crusts can give you

 curly hair- a common belief to take seriously, though.

   Probably,  there doesn't seem to be any scientific evidence to back this up.

 In this issue ,we'll try to separate fact from fiction.

Project 1: Water pollution (Senior B` class)


Glog-8119 | Glogster EDU - 21st century multimedia tool for educators, teachers and students

The Van Grass Family by Senior C` :: bookr ::pimpampum

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Glog-119Lady Gaga vs. Patty

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Multi-Word Verbs- ESB Class (FCE Level)

cut back on spending more money

do away with all the other pencils

look down on gipsies

look up to priests

Advice to Helen- Senior C`

Don' t worry Helen. Maybe Jill feels that she can't do her homework by herself. Here's an idea. Sign Jill up for after -school course for 2 hours every day. Make sure that she does her homework with teachers and when she finishes at 16:00 p.m., she can get the school bus home.   When she arrives at home ,Jill and Helen can do the chores together and prepare dinner for all ,with the TV and the  phone locked by Dad.  So,all the family can have dinner in the evening, watch TV, phone friends  and their house is clean!

CPE /ECPE Essay : The merits of listening to music"

It is an undeniable fact that music features in all our lives. Simultaneously, it is widely believed that many members of our society undervalue professional musicians and, by extension, the teaching of it. In this essay, i will attempt to cover both aspects, as well as outlining some of the merits of playing and listening to music.

   What is the role of music nowadays? The reality is that music is more available to us than ever before. It is likely for us to listen to music on an MP4 ,a mobile, even to download music from the internet.
  Furthermore, it is usually the case that you can find live music in small local venues, such as parties, social gatherings, open fairs, even bazaars for CD sales. Bands are hired for parties, who may never seem to record a CD or , if they still do, they will earn  substantially minimal earnings.

    Professional musicians are seen as highly -skilled individuals ,yet their income doesn't reflect their artistic talent. In contrast to his statemen…