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The Van Grass Family's words take into effect concerning the environment...a photobook presented for the KET class, source: Cb., pg. 92, "Free Wheelers 2", published in 2009, by Hillside Press

We want to buy....a photobook presented for YLs, regarding the topic of shopping... source: cb pg 50, Skate Away 1 , published in 2011 by Hillside Press

Expressions with "Say & Tell" from KET class , cb. pg. 89, Free Wheelers 2, published in 2009 by Hillside Press

Shopping in town for young electronic poster presented for Senior B` class, cb., pg. 50, Skate Away 1 , published in 2011, by Hillside Press

Phrasal Verbs and Vocabulary Expansion from PET class , cb., pg. 109, Journeys B1 , published in 2010 - by Hillside Press