Model Report for the FCE class (180 words)

To :  Konstantine Pantelaios
From: Akis Skandalis
Subject: Upper- Secondary School in Paroikia
Date: 12th January 2012

The aim of this report is to give information about the upper-secondary school in Paroikia, to discuss and to evaluate its positive and negative points.

The Upper-Secondary school  is located in the centre of the town ,in Paroikia, next to the Byzantine church called "Ekatontapyliani". The school is open every day except weekends, national holidays, Christian festivities and summer holidays. It is open from 8:00 in the morning until 16:00 in the afternoon and it operates nine months per year.

Good and Bad points:
The school building is comfortably spacious.  It includes a complex of 14 light and airy classrooms  2 well-equipped science and chemistry labs as well as an IT workstation, enough to accommodate 120 students on a year-round basis. Furthermore, the school building area includes a multiplex chamber that is turned into an amphitheatre for students to put on  theatrical plays or to attend talks, debates and even to host rock concerts during school celebrations. Moreover, a tourist may visit the school library that contains 500 book titles of rare collection for students to do their projects .
          Unfortunately, the school often times contains uncollected rubbish  in the classrooms and in the broader area surrounding it. In addition, the school canteen is too expensive for students to buy snacks and drinks during school breaks in comparison with the previous years. Finally, the school committee cannot afford to pay for central heating , to keep students warm during winter time.

On the whole, the Upper-Secondary school  is worth attending ,as it is the only one in the town  of Paroikia, despite its minor deficiencies. It may not be suitable for students with poor family backgrounds.
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