Paper 2 F.C.E Writing-An E-mail to Thomas about the work experience programme(150) words

 Subject:Work Experience Programme
 Date:Tuesday 13th November 2012

 Dear Thomas,

 Hello, thanks for your e-mail ! Congratulations on your teacher's initiave to organise a work experience programme ! I hope you will do well, if you follow my advice.

 I also worked in a similar programme last spring.Our then teacher,Mr smith got me to work as a waiter in a local restaurant for 3 hours every weekday. I took orders and served food to costomers.

 Since you like fashion, why don't you tell your teacher to get you to work in a clothes shop ? As for cooking ,if i were you, i would work as a chef in the local restaurant. Finally, regarding helping people , what about doing some volunteer work in the elderly home, dressing and cooking for them ?

I'm afraid ,I'm not free next Saturday , but we can meet this Friday afternoon to talk about it, in lunch-time ,write back soon and let me know .

 Best Wishes
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