Question Paper ESB 2012 May: ESB Level 1 B2 Writing: An Informal Letter to an English-speaking friend about going on a holiday to place that s/he had visited before- Cb. pg. 288, Past Papers ,exam prep. by SuperCourse

Dear Mary,

     Introduction (about what kind of place it is): I was so happy to get your letter and I'm glad you're thinking about going on holiday to Paros. It's a beautiful island and the perfect holiday destination.
   Para 2 ( things you can do there, best accommodation options): Paros combines a cosmopolitan atmosphere with picturesque , traditional locations. You can find many five-star hotels on the island , most of which offer affordable package deals. Of course, there are also many inexpensive rooms and studios. The beaches are ideal with crystal-clear waters and the most popular ones are Piso Alyki, Saint George in Antiparos and Kolimbithres in Naoussa. If you go to Saint George in Antiparos , you must definitely visit the Cave with Stalactites and Stalagmites and the 500 stairs. Here, you can take the bus from the town of Antiparos to take you up the hill to see the Cave.
   Para 3 (what you like about it, anything else of interest): The most beautiful location on the island is the old town of Paroikia called "The Castle". It's a well-preserved , medieval city with  the Venetican castle  and many cobbled-stone streets that surround the whole area. There are shops selling everything ,from local souvenirs to very expensive shoes and bags.  There are also many cafe`s , bars and restaurants in the side streets. The atmosphere is truly amazing!
   Conclusion (closing): I could go on forever , but, I don't want to spoil the surprise. I'm sure you'll have a great time. Write when you return and tell me what you thought of it.

Best Wishes,
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