A Film Review (an informal letter) by Mary Skiada -ESB Class (FCE Level)

Dear Tasso

Hello! How are you? Sorry that I haven't written to you for so long , but, I was on holidays to Miami.  Now, I'm back home. Yesterday I watched a great film and I really thought you'd might like to see it!

The film is called "In a mess" and it is set in Greece, in a poor neighbourhood. Most scenes take place in a traditional grocery and the main characters are Pantelis (known as George Pantelidis)- the shop owner and Zikos (known as Kostas Hatzihrstos)- the shop assistant.

In it, Pantelis falls in love with Litsa, the daughter of a bus inspector . with whom he dearly wants to marry; unfortunately, she wants to marry an electricity employee, Babis. Her father decides to marry Litsa with Pantelis, because he's richer than their family. But, Litsa says " No!" What will happen next? Well, you have to see it!

  What I liked about it, was the keen sense of humour and the actors' deadly cues, particularly Hatzihrstos' ones! I think you'll enjoy watching it and fall about laughing! Watch it on ET3 ,Friday evening at 8:00 p.m.

See you soon , because i should tell you more about me.

 Best wishes

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