ESB Practice Test 8 (about 180 words) - An Informal Letter to a friend- Describe a very good film you saw at the cinema- Activity Book pg., 112, A film that I enjoyed , (I Like English 2) , published in 2013, by Super Course System

Dear Mary

Introduction (this is the film I saw): Hi, Mary!!! If you have the chance to go to the cinema, , then "Ice Age 4" is the film you should see! It is a new cartoon and I saw it two days ago. It was great! 

Para 2 (describe the film): To begin with, I must say that the story was exciting and entertaining. The heroes of the film go through many adventures and dangers, but, they manage to get back to their families and friends. In the end, the bad animals are beaten and the good ones(animals) can live safely and happily. 

Para 3 ( say why you enjoyed it so much): What I liked most about the film was that it's in 3D and that makes everything look so real! And the special effects were fantastic! Also, you'll be happy to know that our favourite characters from Ice Age 1,2 and 3 are back again, together with some fascinating new ones(characters).

Conclusion (recommend it to others): As you can understand, "Ice Age 4 " is a film you shouldn't miss and I'm sure you'll love it. Write back soon and let me know about yours! Can't wait to hear from you!

Best Wishes


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