Level B1+ (a story set for PET/FCE for Schools

What a day!!!

    As  we were walking across the field,we heard a strange sound.We turned around and we saw Kostanda's dog,   with a broken chain and running saliva on the soil!!     It hadn't eaten for days!!!

      As soon as we saw the dog,we felt enthusiastic  and relieved after searching for it for many  days.  Lisa, the poor old bitch, broke off its  chain and ran away in the woods after my old chap had beaten her up for eating one of his chicks!    Lisa seemed to have got hidden in the bushes for long because she was so skinny!

  The moment she saw us,she wagged her tail   happily,she licked our hands hungrily.  Immediately,we opened our rucksack and gave her a ham sandwich to eat!  She gulped it and needed more and finally took her back

  In the end,I kept her to go hunting for grouse!  WHAT A DAY!!!

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