A strange day(209 words)

   When Katier woke up that morning she had no idea what it was going,to be such a strange day.
She got to school as usual ,but when she arrived , all the kids looked at her strangely, she was at a loss for words ....! Once she sat down, her head spinned around and everything else seemed like not to fall into place!
   She ran out of the class ,  went to the playground: unfortunately nobody was there.
While she was sitting at the playground, a small girl came up to her and asked  her "have you had a bad day ?"
   She got suprised and saied "Oh yes" how on earth you know about it  ? Out of mere curiosity and the small girl disappeared .Katie got scared more than she did the last time .
   She took the bus back home ,and on her gatting there ,Katie ask her mum:Mum perhaps you have any idea why all my school mates were staring at me so intensely???In no time ,mum screens her fron top to bottomonly only to make Katier see that see was wearing one all star and one slipper !
Then mum turns to Katie and explains:"No wonder now that everybody was staring at you" !!
:"Oh mum, i am so blind:" next time i will be more careful".
And so Katier was taught her lesson from this and promised to her self not to act so foolishly again !!!
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