MICHIGAN ECCE Writing Task: An Essay (sample model for candidates)- Cb., pg. 35, "Stars and Stripes" by Evans V. & Dooley J. , published in 2012, Express Publishing

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Model Essay (180 words):

Introduction: Generally speaking,  teenagers feel intimidated by the idea of playing sports and avoid taking part in it. They are usually discouraged by unrival competition and  demands of team sports.   It is important for a solution to be found ,so teenagers can become more active. 
  Para 2:  To begin with,  as most things are taught at home, most parents  should realise that they will have to set the example for their children for a healthier lifestyle; by deciding to turn the TV off in the afternoons  and participating in sports with their children should motivate them to lead a more active way of life.  For  instance, parents could enrol their children in after-school basketball teams for the boys and volleyball teams for the girls to practise playing sports, exercise their body , keep fit and in shape and to learn how to compete in a team spirit.  In turn, teenagers will learn the importance of a team spirit - a skill that they will develop in their workfield, later on ,in life. They will learn how to socialise with their peers , to become extrovert and ,probably, discover a secret talent in sports.
    Para 3: On the other hand, schools must create more sports programmes for their students in close co-operation with local sports clubs. This means that  students can compete in sports with members of the local sports clubs, who, obviously, come from other schools of neighbouring areas within their school curriculum. By doing so,  students will form closer bonds with their peers, be part of the  broader (school) community and the talented ones will excel in their favourite sports and may be promoted to follow a professional career in sports, like NBA teams do with college students in the U.S.A.
      Conclusion:   To sum up,  parents and schools can co-operate to encourage teenagers to take part in sports more actively.  The more adults get involved in the needs of young people, the more youths will get actively involved.

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