Michigan ECCE Letter- Unit 15- Writing V- Beating the Bully- Cb. pg. 161, "Stars & Stripes", published in 2012, by Evans V., & Dooley J., Express Publishing

Task A: Letter
Write a letter to the Editor of the school newspaper in which you address all the students. Discuss the problem of bullying and give your classmates advice on how to improve the situation.

Dear Editor

I am writing in response to your article published in the local school newspaper entitled "Beating the Bully". It is clearly evident that our school suffers a growing problem with bullying, so, I would like to take the initiative to offer some suggestions on how to improve the situation.

Generally, bullying occurs when there is a lack of respect and collaboration  for the other person in our school community . For example, if there is no respect for our classmates ,then how will it be possible to co-exist and to function harmoniously on the school grounds?
In addition, a strong will for self-assertiveness may destroy group bondings in a school community. That is, some students who tend to show off to others in order to gain acknowledgement and admiration, may lead to form cliques ,in which they will enforce rules that other students will have to obey. (Therefore ,the boundaries of democracy are abolished .)

First of all, I would advise any student that is bullied, to talk to an adult, either to a parent or a teacher. At times, you may not wish the adult to confront the bullies, but, sometimes just talking about the problem itself , can give you confidence to deal with the problem.

Secondly, as a school community, we should find ways to tackle the problem all together.  For instance, we could, perhaps, set up a counselling service for victims to visit psychologists and ask for help for the matter. In this way, students will hopefully be helped  and other students will have a more general awareness of the issue. 

 In short, I believe that by taking some of these measures, some success will be achieved and we may manage to function healthily in our school community.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.

Sincerely yours,
Paraskevi Andreopoulou
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