Michigan ECCE Model Letter - Describing the Qualities a good coach should have(Revised Edition)- Lesson 18, pg. 193, Stars & Stripes, Michigan ECCE by Evans Virginia & Dooley Jenny, published in 2012, by Express Publishing

Dear Editor,

  Introduction: I am an amateur rugby player and I am writing to describe the qualities that a good coach should have.  It is said that good sports coaches possess certain qualities.  In my opinion, these qualities can affect the strength of the team and determine a player's success.

   Para 2: First of all, a good sports coach should be organised. For example, if the coach is well prepared, he will know exactly what to do and how to guide his team's players to succeed. As a result, coaching sessions will be well- structured and so ,players will be able to achieve the best possible result.

Para 3: Furthermore, a good coach should be knowledgeable in his field. This means that players need to have a coach who knows his subject so well that he can co-operate with his players in the sport ,when he participates in it. By doing so, he will become more reliable and his players will feel secure and confident  enough to trust his decisions.

Para 4: Finally, a good sports coach should be firm and consistent. For instance, he will have to make clear what is acceptable or not ,and never allow to any of his players to cheat.Therefore, this will make the players respect the rules of the sport and work harder to make it to the top.

Conclusion: To sum up, I think that a good coach can make a good difference to an athlete's personal development and success.
Thank you for taking the time to read my letter describing the qualities of a good coach.

Sincerely yours,
Paraskevi Andreopoulou

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