Writing - A Report (a model) (FCE level) (Level B1+ class)

To:  Ms Andreopoulou
From:  Vivi Skandali
Subject: Alyki Sportsfield
Date:  Friday 30th December ,2011

Introduction:  The aim of this report is to give information about the Alyki Sportsfield , to discuss and evaluate its positive and negative points.

Information:  "Alyki Sportsfield" is located in the area of Saint Nikolas's chapel by the first bus stop.  It is open every day, except bank holidays from 9:00 a.m to 11:00 p.m. There is no entrance fee because it is public free space, so it is open to anyone wanting to do sports.

Good and Bad Points: This sportsfield is a multiplex ,covering a football pitch ofr its fans, a basketball court for its players and a tennis court for its athletes wishing to train for any imminent tournaments they ought to compete in the near future.  The basketball court is equipped with night lighting, ideal for those training for games they have with rival teams. All the areas of the sportsfield provide for well-trained teams with uniforms taking part in sports competitions with their instructors/coaches.  The sportsfield also provides for a separate playground area, ideal for younsters and toddlers to kill their time with their parents, being undisturbed by older children and teenagers training for sports competitions. Also a kiosk and a chapel in the area keep both parents and grandparents busy, once they accompany their children/grandchildren to it for entertainment.
Unfortunately,  the football pitch does not include nay night lighting making it difficult for young children to practise their favourite sport at night and even to train for  their matches with rival teams. Furthermore,  it does not contain any grass to prevent injuries and accidents as well as grandstands for spectators to watch their favourite matches or practices live!!! Finally, the sportsfield doesn't have a shelter overhead, making it ialmost impossible for young athletes to compete, train and practise their sports in extreme weather conditions!!!

Recommendation:  On the whole,  the sportsfield is worth visiting and training , despite the inadequate facilities.  It is a great evening out for grandparents and their grandchildren to kill their time and also a favourite pastime for teenagers to meet their friends in the village and practise sports away from gangs and drugs. 
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