CPE Writing Parts 1+2 - Proposal (model for exam preparation students)

To:  The International Student Organisation
From:  Paraskevi Andreopoulou
Subject: "To propose and evaluate the attractions and facilities of the local area to hold its annual five-day conference in 3 years' time".
Date:  Friday 30th December, 2011

Introduction: The aim of this proposal is to present , discuss and evaluate the effectiveness of the facilities and amenities of Alyki, our local area on the south of Paros island in the central -southern Aegean Sea, in the prefecture of Cyclades in Greece.  It is common knowledge that  your major five-day conference annual is bound to take place in our homeland, Greece and with this view in mind, we took the initiative to propose our sea resort, Alyki, as the perfect venue for your imminent organisation 's conference. Alyki is  tailor- made for a conference of this kind and has hosted similar events in the recent past.

Accommodation:   It is beyond dispute that Alyki has to offer a plethora of  lodgings in 5-star hotels ,where delegates have the opportunity to relax in their luxuriously  furnish-equipped rooms with bathrooms en-suite, air-conditioning, a fully equipped IT suite with 12 state -of-the-art workstations , the latest in audiovisual equipment, free wireless Internet access throughout, full disabled access, creative catering to savour all the Greek cuisine made with fresh ingredients  the hotel restaurants serve their guests and a dedicated business manager on site. Additionally, a more affordable alternative is the huge demand in bed & breakfast service that suits every pocket! It is also worthy of mention the offer of fully-equipped and furnished studios and bangalows for family delegates wishing to have a quiet and relaxing break away from the hustle and bustle of the city by the seaside served with local delicacies!!!

Transport:  Of equal merit is the economic and reliable means of bus transport we possess in our magnificent sea resort! Our post-modern shuttle bus service provider possesses a number of fully-refurbished vehicles with air-conditioning put in with frequent itineraries and courteous ,elegantly-dressed drivers to commute you  punctually anywhere on the island.  Of particular importance is also  the regular rail service operating back and forth to Paros International Airport which can move up to 800 tourists on a daily basis in reasonable prices. Transport within Paroikia and Alyki is relatively easy and reliable with the town transit service  running every 10 minutes and  an extensive  taxi service operating round the clock.

Entertainment: We would like to stress the fact that  Alyki possesses many entertainment facilities , including three multiplex sports fields equipped with teams and instructors/coaches (a football pitch, a basketball court and a tennis court) , which meet the needs of the young delegates wishing to occupy themselves with athletics after the end of conference days.  Alyki is also good reputation for its "Agkairia culture centre" , in the vicinity of the Primary School,  where young delegates will engage in pottery, chess, arts &crafts , table tennis, organising book fairs and participate in choirs  to host musical shows and to perform in theatrical sketches to express their artistic creativity. Above all,   the Orthodox Temple" Saint George" , right next to the "Agkairia culture centre",  holds weekly masses for the pious Christians.

Festivities:    One argument in favour of   cultural activities is the annual "Fish Festival", in which both locals and tourists are present annually savouring fresh fish ,drinking locally-produced wine in feasts and taking part in  concerts with traditional folk dancing. Simultaneously,   the local book fair sells like hot cakes all the supplies the culture centre has collected throughout the year.

Recommendations: All things considered,  Alyki is unique in terms of what it can offer to visitors. We believe wholeheartedly  that our sea resort is ideal for your end destination and provide you with an unforgettable conference. 
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