Writing an Article - Level B1/PET Class (model article- 150 words))

                                The Younger  Generation 

It is true that today's young people grow up and live very differently from what our parents and grandparents used to live. From what I know, our lives are easier nowadays because our parents offer everything to us- we don't struggle to get anything!

 First of all,   most young people of my age still  grow up in villages- we're the lucky ones!- in  very quiet and clean places; and we should thank for that the town council that collects all the rubbish from the streets and all the proprietors who look after their houses and keep their fields clean, so we don't have much  pollution and we can play games freely onto the streets.
 Secondly,  we still can get plenty of exercise because the area is flat, so we can walk freely from one place to another and run races on our bikes with all of our friends! Still, our parents drive us to school, when we're lazy enough to walk or when the weather's bad.
  Our diet is healthy, too.  We eat home-made food with fresh ingredients, because our mums don't work in villages- they stay at home and look after us! However,   we can taste junk food with our friends at parties or if we're outdoors.
Finally,  our families aren't so poor, because we all have electronic entertainment and internet access to contact with people from all around the world- but, we ignore our homework and we get loads of complaints from teachers and low marks at school, we don't communicate with our parents and we keep secrets from them; fortunately,  our teachers inform our parents of that, and they take action to protect us from evil.
In conclusion, although they all think that we're a spoiled young generation ,we send out the message that if we have caring  parents and teachers, we can get ahead in life.
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