ESB Class: Writing- an informal letter to Amelia about internet use and safety: Source: Journeys B2 , pg. 73 &172- Writing Appendix , published in 2010 by Hillside Press

Dear Amelia,

Introduction:  Thanks for your letter. It's great that you're getting a computer. I've just read an article about internet safety ,so I thought I'd let you know a little about what is said.

Para 2: According to the  article, being able to access the Net from home is great. First, you could keep in touch with friends with e-mail and in chatrooms. Secondly, it makes doing research for schoolwork really easy , once you can greatly improve your school grades ,after you've got  your computer with its internet access.Another point worth mentioning is that you could easily download music and films , play online games and buy things like concert tickets, books ,clothes ,accessories and shoes. In fact, it's really convenient and I've never had any problems doint it, myself included.

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Para 3:  On the other hand, parents and teachers fear that we may neglect our schoolwork , if we decide to spend too much time online. An additional  drawback is that , they 're also worried that we, as teenagers may become isolated and stupefied , once we spend all of our free time sitting in front of a computer. Added to this comes the lack of physical exercise that makes us gain extra weight.  From what I also read, people we meet online might be lying about who they really are ; so, I'm certain that we would never meet someone that we only knew online unless an adult agrees to come with us. The article said that  more than 30 % of us doesn't know how to change privacy settings on our favourite social networking sites  and many more use familiar passords, easy enough to cheat on. 
On the whole, if I were you, I wouldn't give out personal information online. If you're going to meet someone that you've only met online, you ought to take an adult with you. And the best thing to do is to choose passwords that are not easy to guess.

Conclusion: So, it was great to hear from you. Write back soon and let me know what you decide. See you soon. Bye.

Best wishes,


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