Writing for PET class- An Essay: "Ways of preventing and punishing bullying" , source: Cb., pg. 113, "Journeys B1 ", published in 2010 by Hillside Press

Introduction:     Bullying is a serious issue ,which can cause students great stress, haunts their free spirit ,limits their right to free movement and affect their school work. 
  In my opinion, there are a number of ways for us to do with the co-operation of our school to tackle the issue effectively.

   Para 2:  To begin with, I recommend  organising an anti-bulying campaign at the school, as this would ensure that all students are better aware of the seriousness of the matter. For example, posters relevant to the topic of bullying can be put up and respective talks on the subject can be given to teenage students ,sensitising them to the issue and making them take action subsequently.
      Furthermore, I propose organising a school play in co-operation with the local Drama club , showing to students different types of bullying and its negative effects. This means  students would probably love watching their friends act, and the realistic situations might help them understand the problem of bullying , from both the bully 's and the victim's point of view.
  Finally,  a school psychologist's visit to the school amphitheatre to give a talk on the subject may raise awareness of it to students and their parents.

Para 3:  On the other hand, sending a letter to bullies' parents  or guardians', describing the problem and asking from them to come to school to deal with it together with the headmaster and the school psychologist may satisfy all parties.
  Lastly, punishing bullies in the head teacher's office during lunchtime or giving them a two-day suspension from school are strong, but, temporary solutions that might prevent them from giving in to crime at present. Bullies need more drastic measures to abandon the idea of bullying , such as a change in their lifestyles , a change in the area they live in or in their home and school  environment to ensure their and other kids' safety.

   Conclusion: To sum up, I firmly believe that , if these steps are taken, it would help reduce bullying in our school providing that all parties show willingness to co-operate to combat it and restore healthy relationships in the school community.


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