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Did you know that...?
The world's largest 'rubbish dump' is floating in the Pacific Ocean.
    Rubbish dump is floating in the Pacific Ocean.

    Ii is made up of milions of tons of plastic bags, food wrappers, containers , cigarette lighters, toothbtushes                        and so on 
Food wrappers


      Seabirds mistake this rubbish of food. Over a million of them die every year from eating it.

       Seabirds mistake this rubbish of food.

  The tiny pieces og plastic in this 'rubbish dump' soak up toxis. This toxic plastic is eaten by fish, which are then eaten by birds and marine animals. If we eat any of these cratures , the toxins and up in us !


   Marine animals.

This situation in one word is called :    ~SEA POLLUTION~

What could be done about this situation is *****RECYCLING*****
Recyclining is decomposing the old items , melting, constaructing anew and re-using them. 


plastic rubbish


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