How to recycle- Level B1 class

   There are lots of things you can do.Start with your own things in your own home so that you can set a good example to your friends and family.

     You can recycle:
  • newspapers,magazins and books
  • junk mail
  • waste paper
  • paper packaging
  • plastic bottles and containers
  • glass bottles and containers
  • clothes
  • aluminium soft-drinks cans
  • mobile phones,laptops ets
junk mail
  • waste paper
  • paper packaging
  • aluminium soft-drinks cans

     Remember to:
  • rinse out cans and keep boxes dry because that will make them easier to process and,therefore,save enery!
  • be careful what you recycle- a cry ereal box is good,but a greasy pizza box isn't!
  • serarate glass by colour!
  • rinse out cans


Dry cereal box
Greasy pizza box.
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