Learner Motivation

It is highly true that every time a professional teacher enters the classrrom the VERY FIRST THING  they are obliged to do is to set all the lesson`s objectives in the classroom ,on a very special place, i.e. top up right, and as these ones are carried out during lesson progression, they should be ticked off; in this way, learner`s attention  and motivation are  not distracted and lesson objectives are clearly set out and executed.

Now, as for young learners, a box wiith a point scored for each time they actively participate in the teaching procedure, maintain their motivation high  and keep discipline to high standards, is highly recommended. Also, an asessment form with stickers placed on each square, every time ,task performance and language learning is achieved, should be applied constantly. It is followed up by an award of a diploma demonstrating task achievement as well as a small gift as a simple token of appreciation for the efforts made into progressing to language learning. An excellent way of promoting spirit of emulation, in class, for young learners. Do try it out !!It`s well worth the trouble!!!
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