LEA Approach

The LEA (Language Experience Approach) in the service of grammar - Possessive ('s) - Whose?
Tip 1:
Idea: If you seek ways os practising the Possessive (Whose- `s) with young learners plus revising vocabulary items previously taught, then, how about setting up an open air market with flashcards/ realia in the classroom??? Ss will go around , asking different greengrocers whether the products that are up for sale are theirs (Whose are these juicy oranges??? ) -- the students playing part of the vendors will reply to customers/ students (they`re George`s) ; the customers/ Ss will proceed to ask: (Oh, they look delicious..how much are they?)
Well, a lively way to practise grammar using an LEA approach..

Tip 2:
Idea: Use projects to consolidate the lesson centred around the Lost Atlantis in the wonderful coursebook series by Herbert Puchta (More 2) ...ask from teenage Ss to draw the type of dinosaur that existed in that prehstoric era, collecting a few bits of information by relying either on the web or on their history books with their history teacher, writing them up in the form of a puzzle and asking from their classmates to come up with the appropriate answer... in this way, not only do they practise all four skills, use their cognitive skills, but, they also develop language in a much more complex way , learn history and combine language learning with learning history/ geography , simultaneously...

Tip 3:
Another contemporaneous way of practising PET Writing Part 2 (a card) may come in the form of texting it as an SMS message and sending it to their classmates; modern, cheap , economic, effective , real life audience, and useful for adolescents` exam preparation...

Thank you and don`t forget to use them!!!!!
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