PET for Schools -Story Part 2 (CEF- Level B1 class)

A Strange Day:

When Katie woke up that morning, she had no idea that it was going to be such a strange day. She got to school  as usual, but, when she arrived, the playground, which was normally crowded with excited, noisy children, was deserted. At first, Katie thought that she was late and that lessons had started , but her watch said it was ten to nine. School started at nine o' clock. She wondered if her watch had stopped.

        The impressive gate was open, so she walked into the peaceful playground and up the steps into the school building. The  cheerful classrooms were all empty ,and there weren't any exhausted teachers anywhere. Where was everyone?

    As soon as she went back out into the playground, she saw the relieved school caretaker. He looked at her and smiled. "What's going on?", asked  terrified Katie. "It's not Saturday, ,is it?"- "No. The clocks went back an hour last night. It's eight o' clock ", he answered generously.

    "Oh, no!", she said. "I could've slept another hour!".

Katie felt strange and unusual all day, and decided she definitely wouldn't make the same mistake again the  next year.

(model story: Coursebook: Journeys Level B1, teacher's book, pg:62, Sample Short Story- published by Hillside Press, 2010)

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